The greatest gift God ever given to us is relationship with Himself and relationship with others. Sometimes, however, it seems that the greatest source of pain in life comes from people. That was never a part of Gods original intention for relationships. 

In Gen 12 God promised to bless Abram and that through him the whole world would be blessed. God could have chosen to simply bless the world apart from Abram but He chose instead to work through relationship. When Jesus came to earth He could have come fully as God, but instead He came in fully human form, partnering deity and humanity as the greatest blessing the world had ever seen. 

I have found through scripture and through the many experiences in my own life that God uses healthy relationships as the conduit through which he chooses to let His blessing flow into our lives. 

Take time to consider all the good things God has done in your life through healthy relationships. God asks that we love the people in our world because He desires to bless us in and through relationship.

- Graham Bronczyk