Loving God, Loving People, Loving Life


1 John 4:19 NLT

“We love each other because he loved us first”

One of my favorite hymns as a child was “O How I Love Jesus”. I would yell from the top of my lungs the line, “…because He first loved me!!”  That was my favorite line and I wanted everyone to know it. Yes, Jesus loves ME!  As I became older, I realized that God’s love wasn’t just for me but for others too. It is the blessing and the gift of God’s love that enables us to love.

Jesus is the ultimate example of how to rely on God’s unfailing love in order to love people. We see all through the Gospels: Jesus abiding, walking and working in God’s love. By doing this, anything He said or did pointed people to the Father so that they can experience that very same love.

Let’s pray that we, as a church, gain more and more of a revelation of God’s love. Pray that through this revelation we will see more relationships restored, more broken hearts mended, more needs met and more people turning their hearts towards the Father, not just in our church but in our world.

We’ve been blessed with God’s love. How can we keep this magnificent gift to ourselves? Go! Love people today in the strength of God’s love!


- Nicole Jordan