Proverbs 27:17 NLT

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”

When I was a child I collected Pez dispensers. Although they were fun and colorful and filled with candy, they laid lifeless in old empty shoe boxes until I finally decided they were taking up much needed storage space. 

Now that I’m older I have a new collection, people. People are also fun and colorful. Some are sweet like candy while others, if we are honest, are not so ‘tasty’. No matter what type of people you come across, in all their variety, remember that people were and still are God’s best idea.

I don’t really know why I eventually stopped collecting Pez dispensers. Maybe it was because I realized one day that there wasn't really a point to it. I had no goal or idea of what to do with all of them.

Unlike those candy dispensers, people have a purpose. When you find people that know theirs, there is a reciprocal blessing that flows between them. Over the years of being planted in the local church God has brought the most incredible people into my life. Our purpose unites us, inspires us, sharpens us and keeps us moving forward – blessing flows!

God brings people into our lives for many reasons. Whether the person is someone who needs some sharpening, or they are the one sharpening you, consider yourself blessed. 

- Bre Weirenga