I have been a church girl since the age of 5. My grandpa insisted my sister and I attend Sunday school, even though none of our family were church goers. It was at Sunday School that I learned about Jesus being my best friend. I was too young to understand much, but this one thing I have never forgotten. Decades later I am so grateful for understanding this with childlike faith and I understand that the greatest blessings in my life have come out of my relationship with God. My love for God has grown enormously over the years, and not because I have a more sophisticated view on the subject of God’s love. The key to not just understanding that God loves us, but to experience His love is to always receive His loving embrace like a child.
There is nothing like a hug from my Daddy and there is nothing like watching my husband hug our kids. Hugs abound in our home. Hugs from heaven and hugs on earth. God loves you regardless of what you have done or what you haven’t done. You don’t have to perform. You don’t have to  behave a certain way. You just have to allow yourself to be loved and when you experience that perfect love, your heart will grow and expand and you will want to become more like Him. Simple. True. God loves you. You are blessed!

- Pastor Di