Loving God can seem an impossible task when we consider the standard by which he considers true love to be measured. We can often feel that we miss out on His blessing because we have missed the mark. 

Peter is such a great example of someone who had a great longing to love God, yet by his own efforts failed over and over again. In Luke 22 Jesus confronts Peter with the harsh reality of his denial. Even still, Peter assumed that by his own effort he could avoid his eventual denial. Even so this same Peter boldly proclaimed the gospel to those who had screamed for Jesus crucifixion in Acts 2.

The blessing and favor of God comes not by our own merit but by the goodness and grace of God. Truly loving God is not something to be attained by our own strength, but by His strength that is made perfect in our weakness (2 Cor 12:9). That is what is so beautiful about the gospel message. God not only calls us into blessing through relationship with Himself, but he also gives us the means by which to attain this relationship.

- Graham Bronczyk