Loving life can at times seem to be the most elusive thing to grasp, but it is God’s desire to bless us with a fulfilling and joyous life.

We can often feel that if we had a more fulfilling job, a better circle of friends, or a stronger financial position then we would find that we loved life more. These things add to our lives, but the key to loving life is found in Jesus and walking in his calling for us.

It can be difficult to find this fulfillment in life because we often look for happiness rather than joy. Happiness comes from what is happening around us at any given time, but joy comes from our ever deepening relationship with Jesus. Happiness is like the weather around us, ever changing and always uncertain. Happiness reflects the source from which it comes, circumstance. Joy also reflects the source from which it comes - Jesus! - Ever good, ever present, always stable, always certain.

Psalm 84 shows us that there is no more fulfilling place than in the presence of God. Joy, blessing and fulfillment comes not from the circumstances in which we find ourselves, but from our whole hearted pursuit of, and relationship with, Jesus.

 - Graham Bronczyk