“Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character.” - Psalm 105:19 NLT

This verse about Joseph is one of my favorite scriptures in the entire bible. When we look at Joseph’s life, it has many ups and downs. He was the favorite child in his rather large family. He was hated by his brothers who nearly killed him, but hewas betrayed by them instead when they sold himinto slavery. He did well during his role as a slave and was promoted until he was framed and thrown into prison, only to come out again on top, favored by God and put in charge by the most powerful man in the land.

I’m sure his life was filled with smiling and laughter, and sadness and tears. But even more than that, it seems the common theme in Joseph’s life was his perspective and attitude. It’s almost as if he knew God had a plan. It’s as if he knew that God was on his side. How else does one keep moving forward in difficult circumstances? The truth is that God is on our side. God does have a plan. Joseph could have buried his head in thesand and given up many times, but was blessed by God as he persevered. The next time an opportunity arises for our character to be tested consider it a blessing and then maybe our dreams will also come to pass.


- Bre Wierenga