Cause & Effect - Jeff Mason

The Kingdom of God is something we should seek to understand if we want to be More Like Jesus.

New Wine - Jeff Mason

God is in the business of NEW. He wants to do something new in you, so you can take something new into this world.

The Hope of the Resurrection Pt.1

This is part one of Pastor Jonathan Wilson's two-part message unpacking the HOPE we have because of Jesus' resurrection

The Journey of Easter | High Hopes

We are exploring the theme of HOPE in the Easter Journey, beginning with this Palm Sunday message from Pastor Jonathan Wilson

More Like Jesus | The Right Steps

If we want to be more like Jesus, we need to understand that it is a journey - we do it one step at a time. This message focuses on foundational steps we can take on that journey.

More Like Jesus | The Kairos Life

This message from Gordon Houston continues to lay the foundation of what it means and what it takes to become More Like Jesus.