Newport School of Leadership is three year program designed to develop leaders in all walks of life by providing a strong biblical and theological foundation. Within the program there are three core classes that each student will complete that can be paired with electives of their choice. With this format each participant can experience a flexible program tailored to their personal needs and interests.

Though Newport School of Leadership is a three year program there is not a three year commitment. In fact, participants in the program can choose to take any number of elective courses that fulfill their interest with no commitment to completing the program. Within the three year program there are three levels of completion:

  • Year One – Primary Certificate of Completion
  • Year Two – Secondary Certificate of Completion
  • Year Three – Advanced Certificate of Completion

To obtain each level of certification the participants are required to complete the core course that corresponds to that year with the addition of electives that fulfill the 28 total units required. Core courses are as follows:

  • Year One – New Testament Survey
  • Year Two – Introduction to Theology
  • Year Three – Old Testament Survey

Each core class is 14 units. Elective units will vary and are determined by the length of the course. One week = one unit. Each term is 14 weeks long, resulting in a 28 week school year. Units will remain valid indefinitely so that each participant can return to receive a certificate of completion.


  • Holy Spirit
  • Church Mission
  • Intro to Leadership
  • Books of the Bible
  • Management
  • Christian Worldview & Ethics
  • Intro to Philosophy
  • Business/Finance
  • The Life of David
  • Christian Foundations
  • Spiritual Disciplines                    
  • + more to come!

Newport School of Leadership is designed to be flexible and approachable for everyone, even financially. The cost for the program is $15 per unit at all levels. Participants are required to pay the full price of each course they attend whether or not they complete it.

Each course will have differing levels of expectation for homework. Many courses require additional reading while others may simply require the submission of topic-specific journals or assignments.

Homework is a requirement, therefore 80% or more must be submitted to complete a course.

Some of the courses include a mandatory term paper for completion. These papers will have specified requirements corresponding to the course. There is no ‘failing’, though you could be asked to resubmit.

Newport School of Leadership understands that each participant’s presence is vital to their development. Because of this each participant will be held accountable to being present in at least 80% of the lectures.

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